Wrapstyler software


Wrapstyler allows synchronous use of 3D and 2D views

3D <-> 2D

Original user interface allowing to work in the 3D view (parts) or in the 2D view (patterns) simultaneously

Wrapstyler offers intuitive tools for drawing seams

3D plot of the cuts

The 3D cuts (seams) are drawn using a palette of tools offering total creative freedom

Automate your work with the Wrapstyler assemblies feature


The powerful assembly concept makes it possible to automate many business tasks: placement of markers, seam values, assembly instructions, etc.)

Wrapstyler accepts both CAD files and 3d-scanned mesh files

CAD forms or meshes

Thanks to powerful integrated meshers, Wrapstyler can work with both CAD software forms and meshes from scanners, for example

Customize your Wrapstyler experience thanks to several user librairies

Easy customization

With the help of project models but also libraries of materials, fabrics, sewing, notches and textures, the user can easily adapt the software to the uses of his profession

Integrate Wrapstyler in any workflow thanks to its use of standard file formats


Both to import data (CAD, scanner, etc.) and to export results (cutting table, cutting plotter, plotter, 2D software, etc.), Wrapstyler only uses standard file formats

The use of Wrapstyler follows a simple and constant process:

Diagram showing the typical Wrapstyler workflow, from the import of the 3D scanned mesh or CAD file to the generated patterns and notices.
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  • 3D meshes: import, export, tools
  • Classic flattening
  • Flaps (seam allowance)
  • 2D export (excluding AAMA)
  • 2D placing tools
Best fit for

Basic covering


  • All ENTRY features
  • CAD surfaces: import, export, tools
  • 3D mirroring for symetrical objects
  • 3D cut lines drawing
  • 3D mesh cutting
  • Optimized flattening for big meshes
  • AAMA 2D exportation
  • Grain lines
Best fit for


Mechanical, orthopaedics, etc.


  • All STANDARD features
  • Automatic notching
  • Automatic sewing and flaps
  • 2D fabric rendering
  • Automation
Best fit for


Transportation, orthopaedics, furnitures, etc.


  • All PRO features
  • 3D projective texture
  • 3D flap texture
Best fit for

Printed Film Industry

Transportation, architecture, etc.

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