Study tool

Wrapstyler answers precisely to the questions in the design phase:

  • Technical feasibility (shape/material compatibility)
  • Financial data (material surface area, seam lengths, number of patterns)
  • Marketing presentation (rendering of the different textures, connection of the gains, choice of colours)

Production tool

As a result: Wrapstyler provides the data necessary for the production of filling: file for cutting and plotting tables with notch placement, assembly instructions.

Suitable for all materials

Thanks to a general calculation model and a library that can be configured by users, the software can be used for a wide range of materials. The different parts of a project.

Simple, Efficient, Powerful

Allows to realize the real upholstery of a seat, seams included, in 2 hours!

Software used by both seamstresses and engineers.
Training of 1 to 2 days maximum.

Up to date

Wrapstyler is a living software.

Each year sees the publication of a major update including our R&D results as well as changes requested by users and the publication of several maintenance updates.

They have trusted us

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