Wrapstyler is a physically correct flattening software

The most accomplished trimming software in the market resulting from 25 years of research and development by the POLYQUARK company

Wrapstyler calculates 2D patterns, verifies the trim-part feasibility (stresses, deformations, pressures) and prepares the complete covering.

Wrapstyler specifically addresses technical (wrinkles, wear and tear, pattern geometry, grain alignment), marketing (texture rendering and colour) and financial (material surface area, seams length) issues.

Wrapstyler is a valuable aid for the foam covering in the upholstery industry but also in the plastic injection molding, thermo-cladding and composite fields.

Wrapstyler is particularily aimed at automotive, aeronautical and nautical industries; furniture, composites, medical prosthetics, sport and camping material manufacturers; and for all complex 3D products using flexible fabrics as coverings.

Wrapstyler - linking client, suppliers and fabric manufacturers - also provides data to drive the cutting machines.

Wrapstyler® at the Le Mans 24h Race (read here and here).
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